Our services help our clients create evidence-based programming and measure progress toward objectives. We help our clients to set realistic goals and improve performance. Smect consultants’ offers integrated monitoring and evaluation solutions from project design through to implementation and termination. Our objective is to help our clients remain accountable, while improving the quality of the services they deliver. Our systems analyze performance and whether targets have been achieved, ensuring the five core standards of ‘relevance’, ‘effectiveness’, ‘efficiency’, ‘impact’  and ‘sustainability’.

We work with our clients to deliver:

  • Project and Programme design-We collaborate with implementers to explore and clearly explain the logic that underpins their projects as the foundation of effective interventions. We then devise appropriate strategies and activities to achieve these goals.
  • Monitoring and evaluation delivery-We manage the M&E components of projects to track progress, improve systems and measure outcomes. We are committed to providing decision makers with credible, insightful and actionable data.
  • Evaluations-We conduct evaluations at each stage of the project cycle. This includes ex-ante, mid-term and ex-post evaluations that utilize mixed methods, including qualitative and quantitative tools, to assess the effectiveness of internal processes, measure outcomes and impact, and offer recommendations for how programmes can be improved.